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IAQA New Orleans Chapter Board Member
IAQA New Orleans Chapter Board Member


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Mold Testing

Investigates Indoor Air Quality and Mold problems and develops an IAQ Profile for the purpose of offering either Mold Sanitization or Mold Remediation recommendations.

Mold Remediation

Mold assessment

Mold analysis

Mold abatement

Clean Air Testing

Mildew solutions

Clearance testing

Sanitization for air quality

Odor solutions

Integrity Air Quality Solutions offers an odor control and removal service that is safe, clean, natural, non-toxic and utilizes state of the art technology. We permanently eliminate all odors at the molecular level, even smoking, curry and pets. Odors permeate inside walls, ceilings, carpets, under padding, sub-floors, etc. Simply masking the odors will not solve your problem!

Pet odor

Mildew odor

Pet odor

Smoke odor solutions

Fire odor solutions

Remove odors

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You Are What You Breathe

The contaminants that may be in your home or work place and control your health and the quality of life you live...



A foreign substance such as mites in house, dust, or animal dander which when inhaled causes the airways to narrow and produces symptoms of asthma.


Airborne Bacteria

A domain of life existing as small unicellular microorganisms. Bacteria and viruses can lead to a wide range of ailments and infections, and thrive in damp stale environments. Without ventilation, these bacteria continue to breed.


Toxic Chemicals

Toxicity refers to the hazardous effect of a substance to a living system. The substance may be of synthetic (drugs and chemical solutions) or natural (waste products) origin. Toxicity is the condensation and buildup of vapors from common household products such as paint, pesticides, cleaners, solvents, adhesives, and aerosols that can be highly toxic if not properly ventilated from the home.


Toxic Mold

Toxic molds can often grow in your house (like a damp basement), inside of old books, and even clothing. The symptoms of being exposed to toxic molds are usually dizziness, fever, and in some cases, difficulty breathing. Mold needs moisture to exist. Moisture gradually destroys the things it grows on. Spores released by mold are highly toxic and can cause serious - and even terminal - health complications.



Moisture is the number-one problem in air quality control. Mold will not grow without water or moisture. Uncontrolled moisture promotes mold growth, feeds thriving bacteria and causes structural damage to the home.